0U Poets is a poetry group for students and staff, past or present of the Open University, Milton Keynes UK. Currently we have about 120 members.


Like other poetry groups, we submit poems for other members to read and comment on. Unlike most other poetry groups, we have to do this by post, and not face-to-face, because we are scattered all across the country, with some in Ireland and other parts of Europe. Our magazine (strictly for members only) contains poems, criticisms and comments, and is issued five times a year.

At the end of the year members are asked to vote for the 20 poems they liked best from that year's magazines, and the most popular appear in the following year's issue of Openings, our anthology which has been an annual event for over twenty five years. The anthology is as broad based as the organisation, and reflects the varied backgrounds, interests and tastes of the members.